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The foundation of our rugby club has always been about our commitment to rugby beyond the confines of the playing field.


From cultivating and nurturing the best talent, to our unwavering dedication to family values and enjoyment, Samurai RFC has been an embodiment of opportunity and the architype for invitational rugby excellence since its birth in 1996.


Founded on the parallel values of the Samurai warrior – integrity, honour, courage and respect – the club has evolved to become one of the best 7s clubs in the world boasting a unrivalled roll of honour and acting as a springboard for some of the biggest, most decorated household names in world rugby.

As we reflect on 25 years of success, and with two seasons lost to COVID, it seems fitting that as we go into 2024, we turn a page in our rich history. 


 Embracing the wisdom that "From every ending, something new can begin," we're charting a course of change within our club; in 2024, Samurai Rugby will evolve into Shogun Rugby, marking a significant inflection point in our journey.


Just like the Samurai warrior's last stand, which was a progression into the time of the Shogun, it's the right time for us to progress as a club. Shogun, standing as a commanding presence on and off the field, maintains the continuity of our core values and goals beneath a new banner.

As the era of the Samurai draws to a close,

the dawn of the Shogun begins.

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